Evaluating Street Tree Removals


clipboard-with-checkmark-hand-drawn-symbol_318-52034An inventory of Sharpley street trees is conducted 2-3 times a year. These inventories are completed in the spring and summer when the trees are in bloom and a more accurate assessment of tree health can be determined.


safety-clip-art-safetyclipartStreet tree work is prioritized.  Trees posing safety concerns will be addressed first. Trees are then graded depending on the severity of the tree’s health with attention to ash trees being in the forefront because of the impending emerald ash borer concerns.


budget-clipart-atejq97t4-jpeg-ox3tis-clipartA budget is derived from the level of civic dues received. The aforementioned priorities are then used to guide the work that we can afford to have completed. Typically and unfortunately, the amount of work must usually be pared to fit the budget.


phone-clipart-telephone-clip-art-free-to-use-public-domain-mobile-phones-clipContact is then made with the homeowner where the street tree will be removed and the species to be planted is communicated. *Homeowners with unpaid dues will not be eligible to receive tree work.

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