Frequently Asked Questions About Sharpley

  1. What Sharpley District do I live in? Look up your address under the “Address List” section of this directory. The left hand column is your Sharpley District number.
  2. Who is my Sharpley District Representative? Sharpley District Representatives and their phone numbers are listed on the first page of every quarterly Sharpley Newsletter.
  3. I want to build on or remodel on my property. Who do I call? Check your most recent newsletter and look for the District Representative responsible for “Deed Restrictions and Architecture”. Make a copy of the Architectural Checklist in this handbook, fill out the appropriate sections, and submit it with all required documentation to the Deed Restrictions and Architecture Representative. Incomplete requests will be returned without action. The board of directors meets on the second Monday of each month to conduct business. Submit your request early enough for the board to consider your request and respond to you before you begin construction.
  4. I have a question or problem with my street trees. Who do I call? Refer to the first page of the current newsletter. If you have an emergency call the person listed under “Emergency Tree Removal”. For all other questions call the President of the civic association.
  5. When do I have to pay dues each year? The association’s fiscal year runs from April 1st to March 31st each year. Dues are due and payable annually by August 1st.
  6. If I don’t pay dues and join the association, who cares? The association needs your support to pay for snow removal and for street tree maintenance. Association members are eligible to have their street trees pruned if their dues are paid up for the last five years, or for as long as you have owned your home if you have lived here for less than five years. When necessary, the association defends our deed restrictions against infractions in court. Legal fees are paid for out of your dues. The deed restrictions, the condition of our streets and the beauty of our trees affect the value of our homes. We are a community that cares about keeping Sharpley one of the best neighborhoods in Brandywine Hundred. Do your part to keep Sharpley beautiful.
  7. How can I volunteer to help the association? If you are interested in volunteering to work with the civic association just call the president. We always need enthusiastic volunteers.
  8. Can I put a shed on my property? All types of sheds and outbuildings are prohibited in Sharpley. This includes, but is not limited, to such things as detached garages, sheds, and playhouses on permanent foundations. Small playhouses without foundations may be permitted, but require approval of the Sharpley Board of Directors. Use the procedures outlined in question 3 above to request approval for a non- permanent playhouse.
  9. Can I put a fence around my property? Certain kinds of fences are permitted. Refer to paragraph 4.b. of Sharpley Civic Association Policy and Guidelines in this handbook for restrictions and procedures you must follow. The civic association must approve every fence in Sharpley. Failure to follow request procedures and get approval could expose you to legal action. Use the procedures outlined in question 3 above to request approval for a fence.
  1. Can I install a swimming pool on my property? In ground swimming pools that meet Sharpley requirements may be approved. Requests must be submitted in accordance with Sharpley Civic Association Policy and Guidelines in this handbook. Civic association board approval is required before construction can begin. Above ground pools will not be approved. Use the procedures outlined in question 3 above to request approval for an in-ground pool.
  2. I want to make changes to the external appearance of my home. What must I do before beginning? Before beginning construction, fill out the applicable sections of the Architectural Checklist and submit it to the civic association for approval. Page 1 of the association newsletter lists a District Representative responsible for “Deed Restrictions and Architecture”. Contact that person for assistance with the checklist and any questions you may have. That representative will also see that your request is properly submitted to the board and that prompt action is taken.
  3. How do I file a property code violation complaint? Anyone can file a property code violation by calling New Castle County Code Enforcement at 395-5555. Inspectors will check the violation and, if necessary, cite the offender. Your name will be kept private.
  4. Where can I park my boat or RV? Boats and RVs may only be parked inside a garage. Parking is not permitted on the street, in the driveway or in the front or back yard of your home. NCCo grants permits to park RVs on residential streets for up to two weeks. If such a permit is granted to a homeowner, the association will allow that person to park an RV on the street in front of their home for the specified time only.
  5. How does the association enforce deed restrictions and policies? Diplomacy is always the best way to resolve a deed restriction dispute, but in the rare circumstance requiring legal action, the association my file suit in Chancery court. Individual residents also have the right to file suit if they believe that any deed restrictions are being violated. House Bill 454 signed into law by Governor Minner in 2006 created a mediation process that can be used to resolve deed restriction disputes before the parties resort to court action. It also seeks to reduce the time necessary to resolve such disputes and stipulates that the looser in court pays all fees.
  6. Where is my polling place? The polling place for all Sharpley residents is  the First Unitarian Church on Whitby Road. Ample parking is available.

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