Choosing New Street Tree Plantings

Street trees slated for replacement will be replaced following the guidelines that have been established for species and species location by the tree committee. Trees planted before the establishment of the Street Tree committee may not have followed the guidelines outlined below.

Species Guidelines

To maintain continuity of Sharpley’s tree canopy, trees that meet the criteria below will be considered:

  • ultimate height of approximately 60 feet
  • disease tolerance
  • sidewalk friendly
  • non-seed producing
  • native to the area
  • fall color continuity
  • aesthetic continuity
  • drought tolerance
  • non-flowering

Location Guidelines

To protect against potential disease negatively effecting whole areas of the neighborhood, new plantings will reflect a diversity of species. We work with arborists to constantly learn species that make sense, but still match the species criteria.

Species for Consideration

There are four species currently used by our community for street tree replacement.

Hybrid Elm

elm1                                        elm2

Red Maple

redmaple1          redmaple2


zelkova                                       zelkova2





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