Board Members and Representatives

Board Members

President Raisa Rivero (302) 559-7454
Vice President Danielle Rossi (302) 528-3528
Treasurer Mike Stetter (302) 478-7059  
Secretary Adriana Marini-Cossetti (302) 540-9296
Newsletter Jude Serge (302) 658-4903

District Representatives

Dist. 1 Jude Serge (302) 658-4903  
Dist. 2 Greg Rairdan (302) 223-5972
Dist. 3 Erin Dugan (484) 437-7413  
Dist. 4 Mary Ann Dougherty (302) 650-6770
Dist. 5 Raisa Rivero (302) 559-7454
Dist. 6 Greg Lavelle (302) 478-6128
Dist. 7 Danielle Rossi (302) 528-3528
Dist. 8 Mike Stetter (302) 478-7059
Dist. 9 Marilyn McGowan (302) 463-4800

Deed Restrictions and Architecture

Mary Ann Dougherty – (302) 650-6770

Streets and Snow Removal

Greg Rairdan – (302) 223-5972

Emergency Tree Removal

Marilyn McGowan – (302) 463-4800

One thought on “Board Members and Representatives

  1. The emerald ash borer is now in Delaware, which I am sure that you are aware of. I am a Sharpley resident and Master Gardener (U of D Extension/New Castle County) and we received the announcement below today:


    Ash tree-killing insect confirmed in Delaware – State providing advice and resources for homeowners at

    DOVER – A destructive, invasive beetle that kills ash trees, the emerald ash borer (EAB), has been confirmed in Delaware, making it the 28th state to have found the insect, the Delaware Department of Agriculture announced today.

    The statewide impact is expected to be minimal, as ash trees make up only around two percent of Delaware’s tree stock and the state has been preparing for more than a decade. State forestry and plant health officials are providing advice to homeowners, municipalities and civic groups at, where they can find information, fact sheets, photographs and links to other resources

    “Because this was not unexpected, we have been working for several years with cities, towns and civic groups on plans to manage and replace ash trees,” said Dr. Faith Kuehn, administrator of DDA’s Plant Industries Section, which oversees EAB detection, control and prevention in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

    Kuehn said that with surrounding states all having confirmed emerald ash borer finds, it was only a matter of time before Delaware had its first detection. DDA staff members have also worked to educate residents, visitors and campers about the importance of not bringing firewood into the state that could bring EAB and other pests. “We understand people have questions about the health of their trees, and we are answering them,” she said.

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