Sharpley Annual meeting 2021

Please save the date for this year’s Annual Meeting.  It will be held on Monday, March 15th at 7:00 pm. This meeting will be virtual; the zoom link will be sent via email the week before the meeting.
At this time, the following 3 districts are up for election:District 2District 7District 8
Please see the inside cover of the Handbook or click here for the district map for your district. The district representative role is outlined below.  At this time, we have existing board members who would like to continue to serve, however, if you are interested in serving as a representative for your district, please email Raisa Rivero at to be put on the ballot. We will be following up with voting information for these districts soon. 

District Representative Role

The community of Sharpley is divided into nine representative districts as drawn on the plot plan of the community shown in inside covers of both the Handbook and Telephone Directory.  Each of the nine districts elects a resident of the district to serve a three-year term as District Representative.  The District Representative automatically becomes a member of the Sharpley Board of Directors, with an individual vote in official Board meeting business.

District Representatives serve as the primary contact between homeowners in their district and the Board of Directors, helping establish and maintain positive two-way communications within our neighborhood, in support of prompt attention to homeowner questions and concerns, while also providing input to Board policy development, program support, and new initiatives deemed beneficial to our neighborhood.  Three key responsibilities for District Representatives include the following:

·       Attend monthly meetings of the Sharpley Board of Directors as well as the Annual Homeowners meeting typically held in March each year

·       Assist with collection of annual homeowner dues under the direction of our Treasurer.

·       From time to time, serve on Board Committees (e.g., Street Trees, Nominations, etc.) at the direction of the Board President to help carry out the work of the Board of Directors

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